About Pancake Mondays…


  Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m the one with the ‘bunny ears’.    I’m an American living in Holland with my husband and my two amazing daughters. During the day, I make a living as a mild-mannered IT consultant.  My obsession is cooking.  In my free time, you will find me either in my kitchen, my vegetable garden, or volunteering at a Slow Food event.   This is our own personal blog on how my family and I deal with expat life, career change, and midlife crisis (namely my own) .  Let me introduce them:

Marko, my ever patient husband.  Working on his own IT business from home, he also takes care of the kids.  Marko’s specialty:  Pannenkoeken!!

 Rebecca, our oldest daughter.  She’s our fashionista and ready helper in the kitchen.    At first glance, you might call her a picky eater.  She’s the only kid I know that doesn’t like pizza!  But give her a fresh-picked cucumber and she’ll jump up and down in excitement.  My toughest culinary critic, she has the scent of a bloodhound in picking out the slightest off taste.  At the age of 8, Rebecca is proud to have perfected her first culinary achievement:  Sushi! 

 Introduce Lara, our youngest.  She’s our scientist, scholar and musician.  A sweet,  kind  and sensitive kid with a sharp, ironic sence of humor.   We call her ‘the mouse’ for her love of all things cheese.   Lara loves baking and can roll a mean baguette.