Vier Vijf Mei

Tijdens de Nationale Herdenking op 4 mei herdenken wij allen – burgers en militairen – die in het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden of waar ook ter wereld zijn omgekomen of vermoord sinds het uitbreken van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, in oorlogssituaties en bij vredesoperaties.

Bron: De Achttien Dooden – Jan Campert – Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Thunderbird outlook hotmail messages appear twice in SENT-folder

How can I keep sent messages from appearing twice in the ” sent ” folder. I am using and e-mail addresses with IMAP.
Each time I send a message with Thunderbird the sent message is put in the “sent” folder two times.
What setting needs to be changed to in order to have only one copy of the message put in the “sent” folder?

The answer:
Outlook/Hotmail and gmail automatically put copies of sent mail in the imap sent folder. If you have settings to also keep a copy then two are being put in the sent folder.

right click on imap mail account in Folder Pane
select 'Settings'
select 'Copies & Folders'
in 'When sending messages, automatically:'
uncheck : 'Place a copy in:'
click OK

Solution was found here.
Have a nice day!


Okay, so most webservers now have TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled, which of course causes code to fail. Also the case for a classic ASP script using MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP, so Google to the rescue and found this:

It was, surprisingly, easy to convert my existing code in the actual application to use WinHTTP, which appears to work properly enforcing TLS 1.2 on all calls from XP POSReady and Windows 10 (the OS’s where this application will be deployed).

While this isn’t an answer as to why POSReady and XMLServerHTTP calls try to use TLS 1.0 on the first call (despite the registry stating that’s not desirable), it is an acceptable workaround.

For others who may stumble upon this and are hesitant, converting my code was as simple as this:

Set XMLReceive = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0")
Set XMLServer = CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")
XMLServer.setTimeouts ResolveTimeoutMs, ConnectTimeoutMs, SendTimeoutMs, ReceiveTimeoutMs

XMLServer.setRequestHeader "User-Agent", "My XML App V1.0"
XMLServer.setRequestHeader "Content-type", "text/xml"
XMLServer.Open "POST", Server_Address, False
XMLServer.send (My_XML_Request_String_or_XML_Document)
Failure = (XMLServer.Status <> 200)
If Not Failure Then XMLReceive.loadXML (XMLServer.ResponseXML.XML)


Set XMLServer = CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
Set XMLReceive = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0")
XMLServer.setTimeouts ResolveTimeoutMs, ConnectTimeoutMs, SendTimeoutMs, ReceiveTimeoutMs

'force TLS 1.2
XMLServer.Option(9) = 2048
XMLServer.Option(6) = True

XMLServer.Open "POST", Server_Address, False
XMLServer.setRequestHeader "User-Agent", "My XML App V1.0"
XMLServer.setRequestHeader "Content-type", "text/xml"
XMLServer.send (My_XML_Request_String_or_XML_Document)
Failure = (XMLServer.Status <> 200)
If Not Failure Then XMLReceive.loadXML (XMLServer.ResponseText)

Good luck!

Saving Energy

We all have to save some. It starts with the realisation what you are actually using energy for… continue to read some facts/indications in Dutch:

1 standaard kubieke meter gas (m3(n)) heeft een bovenwaarde van 35,17 MJ
1 kWh electriciteit heeft een energie inhoud van 3,6 MJ.

1 m3(n) gas komt overeen met 35,17 MJ/3,6 MJ = 9,769 kWh electriciteit

Met 1 kWh kunt u ongeveer…
20 maaltijden in de magnetron opwarmen,
4 avonden tv kijken,
30 uur uw koelkast laten koelen en vriezen,
15 cd’s luisteren.

Met 1 kubieke meter gas kunt u ongeveer…
1 uur uw huis warm stoken in de winter,
3 keer douchen – of 5 keer met een spaardouche,
1 keer in bad,
6 hele maaltijden koken,
50 keer handenwassen.

So how to save some energy?
Wear something warm and read a book by candlelight!

Windows 10 Intel ATOM and GMA 500 drivers

After hours of trying different graphic drivers for an old Acer Aspire One 751h (Atom Z520 1.33/2gb/250gb), where the last version provided on Acer support site ( is bugged, and newer ones like that claims to support Z500 processor Series but isn’t even recognized on win10 as a valid driver to Intel GMA500 adapter, I found a driver version that works without bugs (so far): Thank you: reddit.

So, to anyone trying to install this specific graphic card driver, don’t waste time trying to install the ‘latest’ driver/software, just go with the latest driver release FOR the graphic card. You can find a copy here.
When searching Intel you get nothing, thanks!
When installing, you will have to set the file properties of setup.exe to compatibility mode first so it thinks it’s running on Windows 7.

Honestly, Windows 10 works on an old laptop like this, but is slow as $h*7! I’m going back to Windows 7 on this one, to keep the machine useable.