NordVPN 3 year plan discount

Even though I get no commission, I would like to share a discountcode to get a better offer for NordVPN.
My subscription was up for renewal, but the renewal-offer was way more expensive per month, so I cancelled the subscription. Now after it expired I went back to the NordVPN website to see if the price was any better, but unfortunately they only offered a month, year or 2-year plan. I started searching and fount the following discount code, with the added bonus of getting a three year plan in the process.

Use this discount code:

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Watch Free Formula 1 streams F1

2021… Red Bull outsmarted Mercedes: Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton!

Now do you want to see the upcoming 2022 season? You could get a F1 membership, or watch it using a free livestream. Most of the time these streams are limited to the country, but you can use a good VPN service to watch it anyway. I used to promote NordVPN (but got no commission from posting a link to them, my advise… wait until February and get an F1 subscription with a good promotion and discount… anyway…)… they say this is how it works:

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