Phonegap Build changes

dislikeNice. The ever-developing world of IT… or, “how to create more work for each other”.

My Brain develops Apps using a framework called Phonegap. Quick development, easy coding, simple configuration. Until you need to update an exisiting app and you are suddenly faced with the changes that were implemented since the last build…
This time the App did not want to access the Internet anymore… at all! So, Google to the rescue, finding this document with some good clues. I needed #10, which starts out perfectly phrased: “This is sooo new and obnoxious, one can only have pitty on returning developers.” …

Being a developer you have to love puzzles!

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PHP (un)serialize and

SBrain-Bulberialization is changing any object, array or variable into a simple string, so it can be easily transfered over a network or stored into a database. Plus the change back into the original of course. There are many options available, and your best choice is using XML or JSON.

However, if you happen to have a PHP object serialized with the php function… you have a problem when you receive this serialized string from a web request and need to process the data and use the object in a windows visual basic .net application.

So what does My Brain do?
First search for a class or other code sample to do this. But when none is available? Simply write code and start developing my own solution.

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Silverlight won’t work on Chrome

browsersSince April 15, Chrome version 42, the plugins Java, Silverlight and others are blocked by default.

Google made a major change in regards to how plugins are handled by the browser. They made the decision to phase out so-called NPAPI plugins in the Chrome browser and Chromium this year. NPAPI plugins use an old plugin API from the Netscape days. Java, Silverlight and other popular technologies use this API to integrate into browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Chrome supports a new API, called PPAPI, which is not affected by this move at all. Adobe Flash uses the new API in Chrome for example. Silverlight however, has still not been updated and needs some steps to get this to work again.

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