The Internet is an increasingly complex place, not just in terms of services but also from a technical standpoint, especially with the advent of mobile devices over the past few years.

Everything that happens on the web, from browsing, streaming and messaging to file sharing, downloads and, more recently, backups, is based on protocols that have long started to show their age.

Efforts from Internet giants like Google and Microsoft are aimed at improving the situation, but given the slow rate of standardization and adoption of new protocols (or even extensions to existing protocols), it looks like the process will take a long time.

Email is one of the oldest Internet-based conveniences, just like most of the protocols used to make it all happen: SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. Today we’ll deal with IMAP, which is currently at version 4 revision 1, as standardized by the 12-year-old RFC 3501. Continue reading Thunderbird

Mailserver Settings NL

A listing of the mail server settings of most Dutch internet providers
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The IMAP mail protocol is preferred over POP mail nowadays. IMAP is a more recent protocol. When using IMAP, the contents or your email boxes will be synchronized and are therefore the same on all your devices and on your provider’s mail server. So if you delete a message, it is really gone everywhere.
Help me! I can’t send emails anymore! Tip for the outgoing mail server settings on mobile devices. Continue reading Mailserver Settings NL