NordVPN 3 year plan discount

Even though I get no commission, I would like to share a discountcode to get a better offer for NordVPN.
My subscription was up for renewal, but the renewal-offer was way more expensive per month, so I cancelled the subscription. Now after it expired I went back to the NordVPN website to see if the price was any better, but unfortunately they only offered a month, year or 2-year plan. I started searching and fount the following discount code, with the added bonus of getting a three year plan in the process.

Use this discount code:


How? Log in to your account; get the 2 year standard plan in your basket; add the coupon code; and click the link to switch to the 3 year plan.

Of course, always check the small print:
* The introductory price is valid for the first term of your subscription. Then it will be automatically renewed for an additional 1-year term annually and you’ll be charged the then-applicable renewal price. Savings granted by the introductory price are compared to the current renewal price, which is subject to change. But don’t worry — we’ll always send you a notification email prior to charging. Learn more

So, always cancel auto-renewal on your subscription to let it expire; Then just get a new offer for a better price. That’s all…
Have a nice day!