Thunderbird 115 Calendar View scaled wrong

Ever since the latest upgrade of Thunderbird mailclient to version 115 many people have experienced problems. It started with the setting being changed to compact for the density of the mailbox views. That solution was simple; just change in your menu “View – Density” and change it back to ‘default‘.

However the view of the calendar has been giving problems. The right-hand-side of it is outside of the visible window, basically dropping off the date from the view; see screenshot and yes, that is to the edge of my screen with Thunderbird maximized.

So, how do we solve this?
Go to “Tools – Settings – General” and at the bottom open the ‘Config Editor…’
Now search for ‘layout.css.devPixelsPerPx‘ and change that value to 0.9
Since this scales everything on the screen, you may want to increase your font-size next:
Go to “View – Font Size – Increase Font Size”, and see the second screenshot for the result.
Good luck!

That’s all Folks!
Have a nice day…