Illustrator Photoshop

Take one:
(and be annoyed by how the outer white ring is just an error in the file)

Add another:

And create!

Yes, you can contact My Brain if this is the kind of work you need to have done.
Have a nice day! 🙂

And a small note on WordPress; how to remove the default link to the media file when inserting an image? Manually change the image_default_link_type setting (in your database table wp_options) from value “file” to “none”.

Basic HTML

Dana Sallow wrote me a note:

“Hello – I read your page and have two words: incredibly useful! I loved the HTML-related resources you mention there. I shared your post with a co-worker, and he shared with me a very helpful guide on how to use HTML. Since your readers might need this for either their work or personal life, I do believe they’ll find it useful if you add it to your page. Thanks again for the resource! Best, Dana.”
So here it is:

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