Thunderbird Unified Folders

Another issue …. suddenly the unified folders view was not showing the e-mails anymore from one of my e-mail accounts. Solution? Delete some files and force Thunderbird to recreate it’s unified folders cache.

Read this or the solution below…

  • Menu app icon > Help > Troubleshooting Information
    Under Application Basics section Left Pane – About half way down is ‘Profile Folder’, adjacent in right pane is ‘Open Folder’
  • click on ‘Open Folder’ button.
    a new window opens showing the contents of your ‘profile name’ folder.
  • Exit Thunderbird now – this is important
  • Scroll down to locate ‘virtualFolders.dat’
  • delete: virtualFolders.dat file
  • click on ‘Mail’ folder to see contents.
  • delete ‘smart mailboxes’ folder.
  • Start Thunderbird.

Problem solved.
Have a nice day!