Word 2019 Save as PDF shows ‘title’, not ‘filename’

Using a new (to me) version of Word 2019 brings new challenges.
I create invoices in Microsoft Word and save them as a PDF file to send by e-mail. In Acrobat it started showing the Word document property for document title, and no longer the filename, like I was used to in Word 2013.

The answer is a simple option… you just have to know where to find it:

It shows this title in the PDF tab. (screenshots and solution borrowed from here)

So uncheck ‘Document properties’ in ‘Options’, when saving the file as PDF (*.pdf) to make it show the filename again in the tab in Acrobat Reader.

UPDATE MAY 2021: Hi! Guess what??? Simply removing the title from the document properties has the same effect. Much easier!!!

Have a nice day!