Teamviewer Connect greyed-out and disabled

What a week… sometimes things just keep going wrong for no reason. Today it was Teamviewer not giving me the option to connect to a remote PC to simply view their desktop and help the person with an issue they were facing. The option ‘Connect’ was just greyed out, not being able to enter an ID. Even the box on the top ‘insert partner ID’ did allow me to enter a number, but expecting that number to be added to the list, the ‘Connect’ option there did not do anything either.

The “Ready to connect (secure connection)” you see at the bottom of the window is also a little misleading there, because it does not want to connect at all!
So… what is the solution?

Go to your advanced options, and enable those by clicking ‘Show advanced options’, because for some reason Teamviewer does not want you to see that immediately, but instead read the manual first before making any changes 🙂 …now tell me, really, who does that?!
Anyway, it turned out an advanced setting was mysteriously changed between today and the last time I used the program to connect to another computer.

Then scroll down to the option ‘Access Control’. You should see a yellow shield there and ‘Deny outgoing remote control sessions’ selected. At least that was the case on my computer.

Change that option to ‘full access’, and click OK to save.
This did the trick for me.

I was able to enter a ‘Partner ID’ again and Connect to the remote computer to view the screen and solve the issue. The reason why this changed in the first place remains a mystery, but I am glad I was able to resolve it.

That’s all folks!
Have a nice day…