Minecraft Key Controls

It’s the season to play more games again… quarantine, holidays, nothing on TV, whatever the reason is. I have my own Apps and Games, but sometimes I like to indulge in a little MineCraft Building Splurge running on my own private server. Let’s insert a little disclaimer here: All rights reserved to Mojang for Launcher code and Minecraft. Please purchase the game and support mojang by visiting The Official Minecraft Website for future updates and development of the game!
Anyway; because I do not play that frequent I always have to look up the keys and mouse buttons again to know which key controls what funtionality in the game.

There is a very good Wiki page about the game controls, but finding the function I look for, like open the inventory, that includes a lot of scrolling and reading to actually find the letter E to do so.
So, I made my own little cheatsheet with all the info I need to know, which you can download here as a PDF; just click on the image below!

Minecraft Key and Mouse Controls

* The keyboard image for the cheatsheet was created by Michael Horvath.
* The mouse images are public domain.

Small detail: My cheatsheet contains the default key assignments for each control, both keyboard and mouse. Warning: If you reassign any major keys, you may cause confusion later in the game.

I personally prefer creative mode, where building and creation is my main enjoyment, so I have the mouse keys inverted, which causes the left-click to ‘use item/place block’ and a right-click ‘attacks/destroys’.
Either way: Enjoy your gaming.

Have Fun!