Disk clone in 2020

Imagine a laptop with a doubtful drive, slow response, long waittimes, just something is wrong. You have another spare drive, plus a USB encasing to connect this other drive to your laptop. So all you want to do is swap them out and copy the complete Windows 10 OS from the original to the spare drive. How do you clone this? And since this is a personal thing, some free software would be best.

There are many programs, but most do not allow cloning of the currently active system drive. I searched some more and found:

Macrium Reflect 7  Free Edition
see: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree

This one allows a straight copy of the partitions on the active drive to an external drive, plus it allows resizing of the target partition, which you need if the size of the source drive is different from the target drive.

I wish I would get commission from posting this link 😉