Windows 7 SP1 Updates take forever after fresh install

W10disketteFor older computers, Windows 10 simply might not be an option for lack of drivers. (Thanks Intel GMA 500 !)
So back to installing Windows 7 with SP1 fresh, and the next step is to get all the updates…
However this seems to take forever nowadays, runs a high CPU, high memory usage, and doing nothing. After a day of letting the computer sit and run, it was time to find a faster solution. As expected, it is a known problem. The solution is to update the update itself first: See KB3102810.

Microsoft released a new WindowsUpdate Client Update to fix the slow Update searching/Installation. Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 –


After this you might also want to install this SUR:

For me just the KB3102810 update was sufficient and the computer is now trying to install 208 updates; Let’s see how long that takes 🙂