Are you on the National No Brain Picking list?

BrainAre you a consultant or a service provider? How many non-billable brain picking sessions did you sit through so far this year? Or, on the flip side, how many brains did you try to pick for free this year? I think we should start a National Do Not Brain Pick registry and I want to be on it.

One quote: “People call me all the time and ask to buy my lunch so they can pick my brain. My response is: ‘I have a $1000 an hour brain-picking fee, so I’ll buy your lunch!’ That stops all the bloodsuckers.”
Another: “Sending someone a note asking to pick their brain is the equivalent of saying you want them to work for free.”

If you are a consultant or a service provider you are no doubt all too often faced with the brain picking request. And, maybe, if you’re lucky, the other party will at least offer to buy your coffee or drink, or occasionally lunch. However, more often than not, you’ll only receive a “Thanks for meeting with me.”
About brain picking sessions: “Do you even know folks who charge only $3.50 an hour for their expertise?” I don’t, and wouldn’t take advice from them if that was the highest value they placed on their intellectual capital.
More quotes: “Would you ask a lawyer to coffee to “pick his brain?” and “Creative ideas and connections are the real currency in this digital economy,” plus “Strategic and creative counsel is one of the most under-monetized aspects of being in the communications and marketing business.”

So from now on, and especially for people who you do not know well, tell them: “I am happy to meet, I am flattered you asked, but because my time is extremely valuable I don’t do these PYB (or “sounding board”) sessions for free.”
Last quote about this: “Most people will understand and honor this.  The ones that get a little ruffled, are the ones who will suck you dry and likely leave you paying for your own coffee. And theirs. Run. Fast.”

Above highlights are almost blindly copied from this blog, just because I recognized some truth in the story. Don’t get me wrong: If you want to talk business and discuss your plans or ideas, My Brain is always available.
But if you just want to bounce off ideas, or you are stuck with a problem, and you want to use my knowledge for free… at least now you know what I think about that.