QR-Code Anyone?

icons.mybrain.nl-qrcodeQR-Codes are all around… and My Brain finally compiled a separate script to generate these neat little two-dimensional barcodes.


Enter the URL, selected the level of error-correction and the single-block-pixel-size. Just try it and enjoy!

If you like this functionality, also check out the implementation on ETEN en ETEN for promotion of the Apps; It generates QR-Codes, to visit the app-download page for a restaurant, but when you do so with a phone or tablet, you will be redirected to the correct App Store.
Want something like this for yourself? Just contact My Brain.

ICANN e-mails

prohosting120x60When you have your own domainname, you will start receiving e-mails about the registration. Some are spam, some are legit. When to take action? Let’s be clear:

Any offer or e-mail about renewing, expiration notices, or about listing in a business directory or search engine, other than e-mails from your own provider, is SPAM!

Any e-mail from ICANN (ERRP / WDRP) or SIDN are just reminders, at the end of your registration year, or to keep your details up to date. Good to know, but ignore these mails. When registering a domain with MyBrain.biz, your domain registration will automatically be renewed every year.

Any other questions? Contact My Brain!