Domain Names = Real Estate

weakest-linkLike your office or your house; Your domain name is the address where people can find you. Like real estate, not all addresses are available, and some addresses are more expensive than others.

It used to be easy: You registered a .com for international business, .org for organisations, or .nl if you only operate in the Netherlands, plus some other extentions which I will skip to keep this story short. Nowadays, you can choose from 392 different extentions; and if you pick a name that is still available for all extentions, and you would register all these domains, then at my provider it would cost you a nice €16.621,06 for the first year. I don’t even want to start thinking about year two, when all the first year discounts are no longer applied…

So, what to do? Registering everything makes no sense. Also pointing 12 domains to the same website is no use and for SEO, nowadays it’s even discouraged.
Just pick an extention that suits your business, find a domainname that is still available, and register it before someone else does. Then advertise this one domain everywhere!

Sometimes a domain is already registered by these domain-horders; the only way to acquire such a domain, is by paying the price they ask. If you are a good negotiator you may get it cheaper, but it will always cost more compared to registering a new domain.

Think about it, decide what domain name you’d like to use and contact My Brain to get your business started on the Internet. Besides developing business solutions and registering your domain, My brain also hosts websites.