Loading speed vs code readability

ctrl-ZVXAs a developer I like structured code. The browser however could not care less about the right amount of tabs and spacing; it just need to get the code, with as little data-traffic as possible.

So, what do I do? When speed is really important, I create my stylesheets and javascripts as I normally do, but then also convert these into a “.min’ version – minified, and refer to those from the html source code.

To get this done there are many services available on the Internet, but My Brain likes scripting, so I also have my own beautify/minify script version running. Feel free to use it; the javascript option also works with html code. Just give it a try.

The other way around; Sometimes I come across a piece of code that looks like garbage, simply unreadable, and in those cases the “beautify” option does wonders.